I wished I can give more than 5 stars

Wanly is very experienced and reliable agent. I had 3 agents before Wanly, no success, no written offer. During this time, I struggled to get an offer due to market collapsed. I almost gave up and regretted to have these 3 agents. Then I found Wanly. Other agents rang wanting to give appraisal for my property. When I mentioned about Wanly, they said not to worry, I can rely on Wanly. I was very happy, I had her as my agent. At the end we had multiple offers. I wished I can give more than 5 stars. I will never forget Wanly for her non-stop hard work and her professionalism. She is top agent in my opinion. Now I have moved to my new home. With my experience, I don’t think I find better agent than Wanly. Thank you for everything you have done.

–  Julie & Erik