10 Things Most People Forget to Check When Viewing a House to Purchase

When attending a house viewing, the excitement of finding your dream home can sometimes overshadow critical details. To ensure you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of ten essential things that often go unnoticed when deciding on the house to purchase. Taking note of these often-forgotten aspects can save you from potential headaches and help you find a home that truly suits your needs.

Your commute:
What will your commute be like to and from work? Test your commute from the house that’s for sale. See what rush hour is like in the morning and the evening.

Neighbourhood noise:
Be mindful of the noise levels in and around the property. Listen for traffic, neighbours, and any potential sources of disturbance that could affect your daily life.

You’ll need to budget for water and council rates. Check the Auckland Council website to see what the rates are in that area.

Home insurance:
Mortgage lenders make it compulsory for homeowners to take out house insurance. Check with your bank on what this monthly cost would be.

Parking availability:
Check the parking situation both on the property and on the street. Sufficient parking space is essential for you and your guests, especially in busy neighbourhoods.

Future development plans:
Ask the seller or real estate agent about any planned future developments near the property. New construction or infrastructure projects may affect the home’s value and living environment.

Safety and security measures:
Assess the overall safety of the neighbourhood and inquire about any security measures in place, such as alarm systems or community surveillance.

Water pressure and plumbing:
While walking through the house, don’t forget to turn on faucets and showers to check the water pressure. Low water pressure could indicate plumbing issues, which might require costly repairs.

Cell phone reception:
Test the cell phone reception throughout the house, especially in areas where you spend the most time. Weak reception can be frustrating and may impact your daily communication.

Resale value:
Even if you plan on staying in the home for several years, consider the resale value. Does the house back up to a busy street? Are there several apartment buildings on the street? Consider things that may scare off potential future buyers.