Backyard Upgrades with High Return

Many homeowners decide to start home improvement projects before going to the market to achieve top dollar for their property.  Summer is the perfect time to update your backyard for sale! I often get asked by my vendors what I recommend they focus on for the best return- so here are my favourite backyard upgrade ideas that won’t break the bank. 

1. Decking 

Waterblast dirty decking or consider replacing & upgrading an older deck. You could also add a floating deck to swiftly transform a drab or dated concrete slab – a floating deck over concrete is one of the best ways to expand your living space while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal. 

2. Path Additions

If you have ample exterior lawn space that doesn’t offer any interesting focal points, consider adding a pathway. It’s one of the more inexpensive projects on this list that you can certainly do yourself.

Consider creating a path with pavers, wooden planks, or gravel. Pathways help segment large areas and divert foot traffic away from your garden beds.

3. Pergolas & Shade Space

We all know by now that with our harsh New Zealand sun, property buyers are looking for an outdoor space with shade.

A pergola or shade sale are the perfect solutions to create an additional living area away from the heat of the day. They provide desired shade in outdoor areas and are usually not costly to install. Consider adding pergolas over your outdoor dining area or poolside seating. 

4. Garden & Mulch

Adding a new layer of mulch to your space will make it more appealing and boost your curb appeal. Mulch often loses its colour in the sun over time, and a fresh top-up brings depth and a tidy finished look. 

5. Outdoor Seating

Comfortable outdoor seating can entice people to spend more time enjoying your yard. Consider adding a hammock to a shaded grassy area to encourage reading and naps. A few benches hidden in your garden could serve as a calm and quiet meditation spot. Cushioned patio chairs centred around a table could double as your outdoor dining area. Don’t forget lounge chairs if you have a pool.

6. Lighting & Firepit

Lighting and fire can make your backyard enjoyable in the evenings and even when it starts to get cold. For instance, stringing LED lights on trees surrounding your seating area can create a warm and welcoming environment. Lanterns, torches, and candles can add extra lighting to dark corners and surfaces. You can opt for battery-operated options for ease of use.

7. BBQ Station

If an outdoor kitchen sounds like too much for you, perhaps a grill station or dedicated BBQ area is more appropriate. A grilling station could be as simple as a counter with a grill and sink for washing. Or simply add a BBQ to your outdoor living area to allow buyers to envision their summer nights spent cooking outdoors. 

As outlined above, there are many ways to enhance your homes outdoor area to present it beautifully for sale. Please contact Wanly if you would like to discuss how to present your property to get the best result.  Phone or email Wanly non 027-473-2468 or wanly.tsang@harcourts.co.nz