Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

October signals mid-spring and there is plenty to do in the garden. Starting a vege garden is easy. It is great to be outside in natures beating sun, soil, and fresh air, plus It is also hugely rewarding to enjoy the fruits (and veges) of your labour.

First things first, pick a location for your vegetable garden. Consider sunlight – choose a location that gets up to six hours of sunlight a day so you can plant almost anything. Make sure you have good quality soil as this will help your vegetable garden retain nutrients and hold water for long enough to grow. Consider building a raised planter bed to ensure you can choose the soil quality.

Spring crops and flowers will be starting to appear so it is a great time to plant to ensure a continuous supply of delicious veges, juicy fruit and fragrant floral displays that will last you into the summer months! Spring veges include salad greens and herbs. Labour weekend is also the traditional planting time for tomatoes. There are great resources online that tell you what specific vegetables to plant in each season.

Prepare your soil and then plant your seedlings. Make sure you turn the soil over with a spade, this will loosen the soil, help it aerate and give enough room for the roots to grow and spread. Space your seeds out enough to allow them all room to flourish.

Once your vegetable garden is planted and growing, you should keep it well fed using fertilisers. Or, to save money and the environment, you can consider using your own compost instead.

It will also need watering all year round. You can do this yourself every day with a watering can, to save water – try saving and reusing water from the kitchen after washing and preparing food.