Sell in Autumn or Winter? Absolutely! Here’s Why…

At around this time of the year, I am often asked “should we bring our home to the market now, or wait until spring?”  Here are 5 reasons why selling your house in the cooler months is not such a bad idea after all.

1. Fewer properties for sale

Like most commodity sales, Real Estate is often a battle between supply and demand.

What I have noticed is that during the autumn and winter months, the supply of available homes falls away significantly as many owners choose to defer their marketing campaign until the arrival of spring.

This results in a reduced number of available options for buyers looking to move or purchase a property in the middle of the year. The reduced number of listings provides an excellent environment for drawing more buyers to properties that are on the market.

2. Highly motivated buyers

Winter buyers are more often serious, highly motivated, buyers. Heading out in the cold and rain to attend open homes is not for the faint-hearted, unless of course, you are serious about buying.  ‘Less is often more’ – fewer, more serious buyers vs those just passing the time and browsing for décor tips or price comparisons.

3. Winter warmth and hot spots!

Got a great heating system, fireplace or insulation?  Then winter selling is for you!  There is no better time to show off these features than at winter open homes, with a super cosy house. If the house is warm and inviting in winter, then it is certainly going to be even better in summer!

4. Location, location, location

If your property is in a great location ie close to sought-after schools or near one of our popular North Shore beaches, then any time is a good time to sell.  Cooler winter temperatures will not deter people from good homes!

5. Summer holidays

Selling in winter means that the long summer holidays don’t get in the way of finalising the sale. With many legal and banking institutions closing over the Christmas/New Year period it is a time when sales could take slightly longer to complete because of office closures.  Selling in winter means everyone is on board and ready to get your paperwork finalised so that you can move out and enjoy summer in your new home too!

So, If you want to sell now and your property and it is ready to be marketed, don’t delay. Strong selling results are often achieved by owners who take advantage of the reduced availability of other properties during the winter.